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Do The Next Thing

I have to remember to Do The Next Thing.

Unfortunately, too often I get distracted by the shiny and forget what The Next Thing is. Instead of breaking off where I intended to, I get stuck in the loop and start doing the next thing on ‘this’. Which is never actually The Next Thing. And is normally far too early for the next thing on ‘this’, which means the new thing gets filed away somewhere neatly (half-finished, because I have to wait for something – what with being so early an’ all,) and forgotten about until it’s become That Thing I Meant To Do (And Even Started) But Now It’s Too Late.

Well. No more, say I.

Henceforth, from this day forward, and other procrastination-masking phrases, I shall remember to use my Pomodoro timer app – even if it does eat all the battery on my phone. I shall remember to take my Delightful Days planners with me and NOT put it behind my laptop where I can’t see it!

What’s more, I shall get into the habit of writing stuff down more (I know, right?!). Really. If I write down what I achieve at the end of each Pomodoro session, maybe I’ll feel better about moving on to The Next Thing.

It’s all about building in accountability.

Because at the end of the day – literally, when I’m tucked up in bed and trying to go to sleep – it’s the fact that I haven’t done what I wanted to do that means I have to hypnotise myself to sleep each night. But I’ve found the space and clarity to identify this trait. I believe I’ve discovered the difference that makes the difference – so now it’s time to test it and see. To discover if this is the thread that will untie the whole knotty tangle.

All I can do is try.

Yet as I write that, I hear Yoda’s croaky tones,

Do. Or do not.

There is no try.

So tomorrow, I shall Do. And then I shall Do The Next Thing. And The Next Thing. Until I am done.

You’ll be able to tell how it goes.

(And, if you’re wondering – current word count is: 6,783. The pace steps up tomorrow.)


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