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[Enter stage right: SM Mistress]

If you were paying attention on Twitter last week, you may have noticed a new little voice chirp up.

Alternative Copy now has its very own Social Media Mistress. Her name is Angela, she’s my partner in crime creativity over at Team Siangela (more about that at some point) and she’s fabulous.

She’ll be tweeting, updating various bits of social media and possibly even blogging from time to time. She’s mostly here to make sure I do what I’m supposed to (yay for accountability), and to help me get it done when I just don’t have time to do it. That, and I desperately needed an excuse to buy yumyums once a month.

I didn’t just pick her because of her shared love for all things fancy dress, or her wardrobe that means she doesn’t need to buy anything special for it, but – as you can see – she’ll fit in fine around here ;)

Angela, Alternative Copy's new Social Media Mistress

Say hello if you see her around. x

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