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Flip the switch

Isn’t it funny how quickly life can change?

I’m writing a book at the moment. Most people who know me will be a little surprised by this. I started it on a whim, to kill several birds with one stone. Fingers crossed people will buy it, but I’ve already had a Girls’ Brigade leader asking me when it’ll be out, so that’s encouraging.

Now you’re wondering what it’s about aren’t you…

Not telling!

(That’s a total lie, but I want to tell you something else first.)

10 months ago, I would probably have told you (very politely) to go away if you’d told me I’d be bringing out a book by the end of the year, and have several more ideas in the pipeline.

10 weeks ago I would probably have been a little less polite about it. (That’s what months of people saying, “Oh, you’re a writer!” does to an editor.)

10 days ago inspiration hit.

What happened?

I had a chat with a friend. Then I read a book.

To be fair, it was more than a chat. I had a ‘session’ with the truly amazing Gail Walshe from Inspire for Impact. I’ve known Gail for a while, she’s absolutely lovely – with a generous smile, an easy laugh and an open ear. We chatted for a while, she took me through some exercises and I left feeling great (as I always do when I’ve seen her). Then the shock set in.

Now I’ve been in real shock, several times. You know the feeling… slightly detached, nothing’s quite real, a little bit floaty. Plus, you kind of need to sit down and drink hot sweet tea while wrapped in warm a blanket. Sleep feels soooo gooood – even though you shouldn’t…

That’s not the kind of shock I was in.

Gail rocked my world. As in, she took my world, took my beliefs about myself, and rocked them a little bit.

Something came loose. A switch flipped.

“I’m not a writer!” I said to her. She just smiled at me and laughed, with that little glint in her eye.

Oh boy.

A couple of weeks later I bought (on impulse) an ebook by Dahlia Valentine called Creating E-books That Are Impulse Buyer Magnets. It got me thinking and gave me practical steps I could follow instantly. Clearly she knows a thing or two about this subject, but I’m pretty confident that I would not have parted with my cash (and so set my brain thinking about what I could write) if it hadn’t been for the session with Gail.

It’s not that Gail told me I am a writer… she just removed the bit in me that said, “I’m not”. Which opened me up to the possibility.


The question for this week? What beliefs do you hold about yourself that might not actually be true? Are you telling yourself you can’t do something or you’re not someone, when actually maybe you could be? Maybe… you secretly are…?

If you think you might be onto something here, but can’t quite work it out, why not give Gail a call or drop her a tweet. She will rock your world. And then some.

I’m off to take some funky photos. Tell me what you think in the comments below!


Ps. The book… It’s for lovely people who want to give gorgeous gifts but lead crazy busy lives and have precious little spare time or money. Working title: X Gift Ideas For When You Have No Time And No Money. It’s a collection of ideas and ‘how to’s to inspire you with gift ideas for everyone you know, male and female, young and old — whatever floats their boat. I’m writing it with my crafty co-conspirator Em and we’re trying to make sure every idea has cheaper or faster alternatives so you can still do something even when you’re in a real fix.

This morning X = 22! Snippets soon… stay tuned ;-)

4 Responses to Flip the switch

  1. gailwalshe says:

    Sian, what a lovely blog post. What can I say… Thank you so much for being open to the possibilities. I am very excited about your new book, it sounds wonderful. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Shona Playfair says:

    Am very excited to see the fruits of your labour! And buy it of course!

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