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MARVEL-ous May

Hey there sugar plum,

How’s your May going? Has it been marvellous? I hope so!

Before I do anything else I really want to say two things… Happy Star Wars Day (belated) and Happy World Goth Day (also belated – boy am I annoyed I missed that one! It’s already in the calendar for next year). In honour of it, here’s an old, and slightly blurry, photo of Pirate Goth me (taken by my fab friend @al_green who should totally write a book one day – he does so much interesting stuff! Go say hi to him on Twitter.)

Pirate Goth Girl, taken by @al_green

Also – Happy Towel Day! Not belated.

None of that is the actual point of this post (which, btw, will be a long one. Don’t say I didn’t warn you).

A while ago I teased you about a competition I wanted to run here on the site… so (before I actually run out of May)… drum roll please….

Here it is!

Well – in a minute it will be. First I want to tell you a couple of things.

Thing number one.

Alternative Copy is growing. I’m teaming up with a fabby ‘crew’ to help you voyage through the seas of adventure and get your book out far and wide. (See, the Pirate photo was relevant.)

Together, we want to offer you a smorgasbord of services to help you on your way. Since I’m mixing my metaphors you’ll have to pretend we’re sailing in a luxury yacht. Or a launch! Awesome – it’s a launch. (See what I did there? *Ahem*)

We’re going to start offering four distinct services, on a pick ‘n’ mix basis.  Sweet huh?

  1. Get it out of your head! (For when it’s all stuck in your head and won’t come out.)
  2. Get it cleaned up. (For when it’s on the page but really needs some TLC.)
  3. Get it pretty ;)  (For when it reads brilliantly but, frankly, looks a bit pants.)
  4. Get. It. Out. (For when you actually want people to read it! And pay you. People who aren’t just you and your mum and her best mate.)

You’ll be able to read more about them on the Services page (naturally enough) but resist the urge to go there just yet – I haven’t finished writing the pages, and there’s more of this epic blog post to read!

Thing number two.

I reallyreallyreally want to work with people who want to change the world – people who insist on working out ways to strike a match rather than grumbling about how dark it is.

If I’m going to put my energy and passion into helping people create greatness, it has to be greatness that’s actually going to do something great, y’know? More… ‘The Greatest Ever Ways to Create Awesomeness’ than, ‘Some Quite Good Ways to Continue Averageness’.

Of course, the best way to have stuff to write about is actually have stuff you care about!

Care about thinking.

Care about doing.

Care about explaining.

Care about sharing.

So, I’m collecting People With Alternative Aspirations (Who May Or May Not One Day Be Authors). That’s PWAA(WMOMNODBA) for short. Which is ridiculous. So I’m calling us Alternative Aspirees instead. All hail the internet and it’s precedence for the legitimacy of made up words.

If you want to change the world, jump on the list.

If you think perhaps you might like to write a world-changing book, jump on the list.

If you’re wondering why you’re still reading this post, ‘Who is this crazy girl and doesn’t she know about the importance of brevity when she writes blog posts?’, you probably don’t want to jump on the list. Unless you also followed up that thought with, ‘I dunno, but I kinda like the crazy.’ In which case, jump on the list.

Even if you’re only thinking perhaps, one day, maybe you’d quite like to think about giving this writing thing a shot, jump on the list.


  1. If you’ve stuck through this post, you’re my kind of person.
  2. If you’re my kind of person you want to change the world.
  3. If you’re my kind of person you want to have a little fun while you do it.
  4. It’ll make me super giddy happy to connect with other people with Alternative Aspirations – I know darn well I’m not the only one!

So sign up to let me know who you are. I will email you back personally and maybe we can get a conversation going. :)

Which brings me very neatly to…

Thing number three. AKA Competition Time. AKA the thing you’ve been waiting for!

I want to get people talking, and what better way to do that than to give away some lovely geeky goodies! All along the theme of making the world a more marvellous place.

MARVEL Mug, available from AVON

Every great world-changer Aspirer needs a great mug. Leave a comment below telling us how you are going to make the world a more marvellous place and I will randomly select one winner to receive a MARVEL-ous mug for their efforts. Spam bots will, naturally, be ineligible for entry ;)

But that’s not all!

MARVEL Notebook, available from AVON

Tweet a link to your comment @alternativecopy and include the hashtag #AltMarvels (so I can spot it) and I’ll pop you into another drawer for a mug AND a pen and notebook!

MARVEL Pen, available from AVON

MARVEL-tastic baby!

(Just fyi – this post is in no way sponsored by Marvel. It’s totally sponsored by me. Both winners will be selected by random, at Midday GMT on Friday 1st June. I will *actually* throw dice. Promise.)

So that’s just about it.

Look out for the post where I tell you the Services page is up. Sign up for the Alternative Aspirees’ Almanac, post a comment and tweet. Then go have a delightful rest of your day J

On your marks… GO!

2 Responses to MARVEL-ous May

  1. carol says:

    Me? it seems to me that there are not enough places in this world where people can be themselves and vent, rage, cry and feel the F**k out of whatever is happening for them, without them feeling judged, being a nanny/loser or weak … !!! So I provide space for people to vent their stress and anger and walk away still feeling good about themselves {with a few tools on how to do it differently, be more amazing than they already are and still love life!} Oh … and I LOVE it ‘cos it changes peoples worlds …

    • Siân Harris says:

      Hi Carol – thanks for commenting :) I love the work that you’re doing – so many people just squash their anger down and all it does is destroy from within. World changing work indeed imo. And deeply valuable for it :) Thank you!

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