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Perfect Planners

Do you ever find yourself thinking,

“Where has the year gone?!”


“I wish I had time for [that-thing-you-really-want-to-do-but-don't-have-time-for]!”

You are not alone!

The problem

I can write fantastic ‘To Do’ lists. Literally – grounded in fantasy. I include far too much, then just keep adding stuff at the bottom faster than I cross it off at the top.

And who works from the top of the list anyway?!

That thing half way down is far more important/easy/attractive a proposition than scrubbing blue hair dye off the bath. So the bath doesn’t get scrubbed. Which means I feel bad, and guilty, and somewhat incompetent.

I need to keep a handle on my day-to-day stuff but I don’t want to lose sight of the Big Things. They’re Big and Important. But I’ll be a monkey’s Auntie if I want to wake up again at the end of the year saying, “Where did that year go? My 10 year dream is still 10 years away!”

The solution

(Spoiler Alert: it’s all about choices.)

Just about everything we do in life is a choice. Recognising that gives us power.

Say you want to live the high life in a gorgeous city apartment. You could choose to achieve that lifestyle with income from a steady job, or your own business, or your writing. Or you could choose to commit fraud and live it up in The Ritz (until you get busted).

It’s your choice.

The Perfect Planners

With that in mind, I have designed some Planners, to help keep the long view in sight while juggling the day-to-day.

Cover for Marvellous Months Planner

Marvellous Months helps you work out what you choose to spend time, energy and money on this year – so you don’t wake up at the end of the year saying, “Where did the time go?”.

Cover of Wonderful Weeks Planner

Wonderful Weeks helps you move things from the ‘Sometime this year’ list you never have time for, to the ‘This Week’ list you can’t wait to do.

Front Cover of Delightful Days Planner

Delightful Days helps you get your life in order and work out what you want to do next – without feeling like you’re sinking under a never ending ‘To Do’ list of pain.

I’ve been using them for a little while now and they’re working for me. I’ve shared them with a few other people too and they’ve also loved using them.

Check ‘em out and let me know what you think. Leave a comment about how you get on with them, or any other tips you have for keeping yourself on track.

PS. They are designed to be used together or individually – your choice, naturally.

PPS. BIG ALL CAPS THANKS go to @MsElEdwards for inspiring me with her approach to choice and how I see the world. These planners would not have been developed if I hadn’t read her post that I now cannot find to share with you all. But she’s ace, so go say hi to her.

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