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Today is the first day of Contentpalooza. A day I have been gearing up to for what feels like quite some time now. 50,000 words of content over the next 30 days. It’s a lot. But I feel like I’m up for the challenge this year.

What’s that you say? Never heard of Contentpalooza?

I don’t blame you – I hadn’t until sometime last month. It’s like NaNoWriMo, but for people who need to generate content, rather than just want to write a novel. Part of me would love to write a novel – unfortunately I’ve yet to think of a story worthy of one. But I’ve wanted to be part of NaNo for donkeys, and now, thanks to the very lovely Kelly Kingman, I can do this instead.

Here’s the page I first found: That was the challenge last year. This year it’s moved on a little, the official target is 30,000 words, or a new image a day, but I’m old skool so I’m sticking with the 50,000.

Now, I have a lot on in November – starting with a hypnotherapy course next week (I know, right!) so I’m not going to be upset if I don’t hit the mark. 30k words will still be 30k more than I would probably manage if left to my own devices. But I want to hit the five-quadruple-’oh’ mark. More importantly, I believe I can.

So here I am, making a public declaration that I intend to write 50,000 words of content in the next 30 days!

I also intend to put regular updates here of how I’m getting on and what the process feels like. So you can check up on me and make sure I’m doing my homework.

Now. One thing to remember about Contentpalooza is that, like NaNo, the emphasis is on generating the content. Not on making it perfect. I’m supposed to stuff my inner editor in a cupboard and ignore her screams and threats of retribution for the month. That’s… not going to happen. I know this. There is no earthly point in my pretending otherwise.

In any case – some of what I plan to write I actually want to publish. Which is never going to happen unless I let her out.

But these little ‘diary’ entries will indeed be unedited (or at least, very lightly so), so that I can spend my time working on the content and editing the stuff that has to be perfect. Keep that in mind as you read through and think, “WTF?”  (Yes – I know you think in text speak. It’s ok – I won’t tell anyone.)

So – for your records and mine, this is what I plan to work on this month:

  • 26 blog posts for Alternative Copy
  • Rework the Services section on this site
  • Update the Perfect Planners for 2013
  • Launch the ‘Siangela’ website (more on this later – obviously!)
  • 26 blog posts for Siangela
  • 26 product descriptions for my Avon business
  • Get all the copy together for ’fynby’ launch (there’ll be more on this too)
  • Manifesto for fynby
  • 26 blog posts for fynby
  • Finish the Gift Ideas book I started last year!
  • First draft of my ebook ‘Yes, you can write a book’

There’s easily more than 50,000 words there, but it can’t hurt to have a long list.

So how about you?

Do you harbour any secret (or not so) desires to write, but feel bogged down by a need to write ‘work’ stuff? Contentpalooza could be just the thing for you! I’ll be setting up some on-line writing time throughout the month, so if you fancy joining me let me know. Leave a comment, send a tweet using #contentpalooza, join us in the Facebook group.

Good luck. Write on. x

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