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You’re brilliant

You might not always feel it, but I reckon you are, and round here what I say goes.

But we could all do with a little help sometimes and I love being able to help folk. So I’ve made a few things, and written a few things, and maybe some of it will be of help to you.

Get your life under control – stop drowning in your ‘to do’ lists

I made some planners a while back, and people liked them and asked me for copies. So here they are for you.

Photo of all Perfect Planners: Delightful Days, Wonderful Weeks and Marvellous Months

Tips and Tricks

My answer to some of those grammatical or spelling-based questions “likely to cause trouble and therefore requiring special care or skilled, delicate treatment”. You know the ones. It’s only a tiny section at the moment, but ‘from small acorns’ and all that…

Free Rice!

Play Free Rice – test your grammar, vocab and literature skills, and hungry people round the world get rice delivered for free from the UN World Food Programme! For realz yo.

Join the Grammar Grains group, track your score and tweet it @AlternativeCopy using the hashtag #grammargrains. It’s addictive – but if you loose your lunch hour helping other people have one, where’s the harm?

Free Rice logo


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Info Box

Alternative Copy is not just another proof-reading service. Nor it is a copy writing service. It’s something else.


Through it, I give you, the confidence and skills you need to put your words down, your way and communicate effectively with your audience.

Alternative Copy