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Get your life under control – stop drowning in your ‘to do’ lists

We all have the same number of hours in a day. The difference between each of us is how we choose to spend them. Some choices move us towards where we want to go; some move us in the opposite direction.

You have the power to make your own choices.

The Perfect Planners range is specifically designed to get you organized and keep you motivated, putting you back in control of what you do each day, each week and each month.

So you can go to bed each night saying,

 “Yes – my life is in order, I am in control.”


Unless you have the memory of an elephant and the strategic discipline of an army of ants, you probably need to write down all the things you want to do, somewhere.

These planners are the space to write it all down.

Did you notice I said “space” there? It was deliberate. Most of the time, when we’re too busy doing things to actually get on and live the life we want, what we need is space. (We all have the same amount of time, remember.) These planners help you set space and boundaries, so you can regain focus. They make you pay attention to time, so you get more done. They remind you to look after yourself and make you take time out, so you can reassess, regroup, and recharge.

Remember your power.

No “have to”s, “got to”s or “must”s; these planners look at the language you use. (You’d expect that from an editor, wouldn’t you.) They carefully re-frame and eradicate the negative words and emotions that tie you down with knots of guilt and failure. Instead, they remind you of what you want to do each month, what you choose to do each week, and what you get to do each day to support those desires and choices.

At the end of each period (31 day/13 weeks/3 months), there is space to evaluate how you’re doing. How in control do you feel? How productive are you? Do you remember to make time for yourself? What has gone well? What you want to work on next?

If you need to get away from the frustration of ‘stuck’ness, these planners set you free.

Free from the confusion of what to do next; from the suspicion of inadequacy at not finishing your ‘to do’ list; from the restlessness of not moving forward.

If you’re craving a future with something specific, these planners will help you create it.

Your crystal clear ’one day’ dream, portioned up into monthly, weekly and daily motivation you can’t wait to get working on.

Use them all together, or individually – they’re specifically designed to complement each other to make it easier for you to put the plans you make into stress-free organised action!

Photo of all Perfect Planners: Delightful Days, Wonderful Weeks and Marvellous Months


Marvellous Months

Never again wake up at the end of the year saying, “Where did the time go?”

Work out what you want out of life, then decide which of those things you want to work on in the next 12 months. Where do you want to spend your time, money and energy?

Then choose when you want to work on them and plan it all in.

Inside spread from Marvellous Months planner

Marvellous Months: £5.00 for 12 months

Screen grab of tweet from Twitter user @drgs100 about Marvellous Months planner


Wonderful Weeks

Move things from the ‘Sometime this year’ list you never have time for, to the ‘This Week’ list you can’t wait to do.

You know what you want to do this year and roughly when you want to do it. This planner is where you get specific. Choose when to work on the Big Things but don’t lose sight of the day-to-day little things.

See at a glance what you have on each week, where you have room to add things and where you want to say ‘Not right now.’

Inside spread from Wonderful Weeks planner

Wonderful Weeks: £4.50 for 13 weeks


Delightful Days

Get your life in order and know what you want to do next – without feeling like you’re sinking under a never ending ‘To Do’ list of pain.

This is not for writing down all the things you have to do today. It’s for all the things you get to do today! The things you choose to do on this day. Things that move you closer to the life you want to live.

Work out what you want to do each day, then stay motivated to get it done!

Inside spread from Delightful Days planner

Delightful Days: £3.50 for 31 days

Testimonial from Twitter user @AlisonGibb


All set? Perfect.

Click the link below to go straight to my Lulu seller’s page. Add the planners you want to buy to your cart and pay at the checkout.

Yes, I want my months to be marvellous,
my weeks to be wonderful and my days to be delightful!

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Lulu handle everything, so I won’t get your details. You’ll receive a follow up email from me (via Lulu) and if you fancy hitting reply and letting me know who you are, that would be lovely! (It’s ok – I know you’re busy ;) .) 3-5 working days later your Planners will arrive, hot off the Lulu press.

PS. While I designed the books to work together, it’s completely ok to use them on their own too – whatever works best for you!

PPS. All the pages are non-dated, so you can start when you like and if you take a month off on a beach in Tahiti, you don’t lose any days/weeks/months. (If you do that, a postcard would be ace! x)

Click the link below to go straight to my Lulu seller’s page. Add the books you want to buy to your cart and pay at the checkout.

Yes, I want my months to be marvellous,
my weeks to be wonderful and my days to be delightful!

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