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You have a message you want to get out and you know you’re not going to do this all on your own.

It’s not that you couldn’t, it’s just that… well… you won’t.

Life keeps on happening and getting in the way, so now you want someone to hold you accountable and make you sure you get it done.

Get your book from concept to complete. Read about the different services on offer now and pick the one that matches the stage you’re at.


1. Kick-starting Power Up Session

Best done at the start of your process but available at any point. In this one-hour session we’ll look at your attitudes to your writing and your message, we’ll zap any limiting beliefs you might have and power up your creativity and internal resources.

You’ll leave full of inspiration and raring to put pen to paper.

£100 per session. Click now to read more about the sessions.
(UK only I’m afraid – this session works best in person.)


2. Hold-your-hand/Kick-your-ass Support

This service comes in three different levels of support, so you stay in control of how fast you want to move. They all follow the same basic pattern of freedom to write, accountability, feedback, and advice. None of them is designed to be a substitute for the editing stage, but to hold you to account, to keep you going the way you want to go, or at least flag up when you’re heading off somewhere else so it’s a deliberate action.

This is where you get the writing done!

Level 1: £175 /$320, Level 2: £260/$475, or Level 3: £350/$640 per month. Click now to read more about the levels.


3. Intense Interrogation

Once you have your manuscript, you’re going to need a holiday. And an editor.

I will take what you’ve written and set to work. While you’re relaxing in the sun, contemplating an affair with the cabana boy and throwing back Gin Slings, I will take your words, sit them down in a not-very-comfortable chair, shine a bright light in their eyes and ask Difficult Questions. I will find the bits that don’t work; the inconsistencies; the logical fallacies; the bits that plain just don’t make sense. I’ll probe into holes, cut off parts that shouldn’t be there and explore the bits that are missing. I’ll highlight where you’ve wandered off track and where you’re doubling back on old ground.

Then all you need to do is ‘fix’ it when you’re back from your holiday.

Fair warning – it can feel brutal. There are no guarantees how many times you’ll have to go around the process. But it will always be your book.

I guarantee you will have a better book at the end of the process.

£35/1,000 words. (Discounts may apply.) Click now to learn more about the editing process.


4. Luscious Layout and Funky Formatting

Your magnificent manuscript is just that… magnificent.

Now all it needs is some clothes.

Whether you’re looking to publish as an ‘e’book or a ‘tree’book, I can get that sorted. For electronic versions, .epub, .mobi and .pdf formatting. For books made of paper, print ready layouts for Blurb or Lulu, or to your own printer’s requirements.

Price: bespoke according to your project. Click now to find out what we can do for you.


If you want a slightly crazy lady geek to send you random little babbley notes to your inbox then stick you email in the box below!

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Alternative Copy is not just another proof-reading service. Nor it is a copy writing service. It’s something else.


Through it, I give you, the confidence and skills you need to put your words down, your way and communicate effectively with your audience.

Alternative Copy