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Hand-holding/Ass-kicking Support

It’s so cool that you want to write a book.

Seriously. Most people will never have the guts to stand up and say, “I have something worth saying and I’mma jolly well say it!” So hats off to you and more power to your pencil!

But, even if you do want to write, sometimes it will get tough. Sometimes you will want someone on hand to help keep you moving.

With that very conundrum in mind, I have devised my exclusive Hand-holding/Ass-kicking Support Programme for Writers who Actually Want to Write.

This whole programme is designed to suit you. It’s not an off-the-peg thing.

Do you want me to hold your hand or kick your ass? Everyone has their own way of being motivated… either towards the good stuff (exciting job, fabulous holiday, tasty meal) or away from the bad (psycho boss, mortgage arrears, takeaway chips for a third night running).

Once we figure out which way you’re motivated, you get an inbox full of sweetness or threats. Or a combination of both. It’s up to you.

Naturally, since you’re having something made for you, it’s only right that you should be able to pick the size. So you have three levels from which to choose:

Level 1
Writing is cool, but I also have a life

Level 2
I have to get this finished so people can start reading it!

Level 3
If I don’t get this done I am going. to. burst!

Which level should you go for?

It’s your book. You pick.

Here’s a little run down of what’s included with each level and how much they cost.


Level 1 – Writing is cool, but I also have a life.

  • Fortnightly hand-holding/ass-kicking emails
  • ½ hour one-on-one Skype coaching every month
  • 1½ hours highly detailed, ultra fine-tooth combed, editing
  • 1 hour editorial reading with general notes
  • Email support once a fortnight, so you can get feedback on how you’re doing with particular aspects of your writing

£175 / $320 per month


Level 2 – I have to get this finished so people can start reading it!

  • Fortnightly hand-holding/ass-kicking emails
  • ½ hour one-on-one Skype coaching every month
  • 3 hours highly detailed, ultra fine-tooth combed, editing
  • 2 hour editorial reading with general notes
  • Email support once a week, so you can ask any questions or get some advice if you’re feeling stuck
  • 10% discount on additional editorial services.

£260 / $475 per month


Level 3 – If I don’t get this done I am going. to. burst!

  • Weekly hand-holding/ass-kicking emails
  • 1 hour one-on-one coaching per month, in person and including tea and cake (my shout) or, if you’re not in Edinburgh 1½ hour one-on-one Skype coaching per month
  • 4 hours highly detailed, ultra fine-tooth combed, editing
  • 4 hour editorial reading with general notes
  • Unlimited email access, with replies within 48 hours, so when you get stuck you can get unstuck fast!
  • 15% discount on additional editorial services.

£350 / $640 per month


Terms & Conditions:

1. This will be a monthly recurring bill, paid in advance at the start of each month. If you’re not sure I’m the one for you, let’s hop onto Skype and have a chat. An ‘Are you the one?’ call costs nothing. Book a half-hour slot here.

2. Use it or lose it. Time doesn’t roll from one month to the next.

3. You can always roll up or down between Levels, but you’ll need to give one month’s notice. After all, I can only offer real support if I know how many people I have doing what at any one time!

Still want to write your book?

Ace. If you want a chat first, hop on over here and find a time.

Just want to get on with it?

Pick the Level you’re after, plug your details into Paypal, and I’ll email you.

Hold-Your-Hand/Kick-Your-Ass Support


Frequently asked questions

1. Who are you and why should I pay you money?

I’m a dyslexic writer. I know how difficult it can be to sit down and write. I also know how easy it is to wander off the point and start writing about something else. I will help you tame the procrastination monkeys, so you actually sit down and write. I will help you stay on target so that your message comes across the way you meant it to.

I’m an editor. I know how to push your writing further, to get more juice into it (and out of it). I’ll point out style glitches you might want to fix, and show you how to pack more punch into your prose.

I’m an NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy practitioner. I know how to use language to maximise your chances of gaining the results you want from your readers. If you’re writing an NLP-based book, I know how not to mess up your confusion patterns by correcting your punctuation.

I’m a roleplaying geek. I’ve spent years honing characters and forging plots in collaborative story-telling groups. If you’re writing fiction, I’ll challenge your characters’ development and motivations. I’ll make sure you keep the plot moving in the right direction, and load your dice so you roll the critical hits.

I’ve published my own books.I know the importance of getting projects done which is why I created the Perfect Planner range. Don’t worry – I’m not going to sell them at you – I’m just letting you know I have actually taken my own books from concept to real. Three of them in fact, with more in the pipeline. If I can do it, you can. I’ll show you how.

2. What will you actually do for me?

I will help you stay on target and keep you accountable. I will bug you about your writing, but only in line with what we’ve agreed. I will help you spot holes, inconsistencies and ‘dodgy bits’ (technical term ;) and I’ll tell you how amazing you are when you’ve written something brilliant. I will be a sounding board when you’re stuck and your own personal cheerleader when you’re flagging. I’ll help you stay focussed and prod you into movement.

3. What if I don’t like your amends?

You don’t have to make them. It’s your book. That said, I want us to be able to have a full, frank and open discussion. I’m happy to debate things and, if I think you need to make an amend you don’t want to, I will ask you to justify your decision. I’m a big believer in tempering steel. If the pen is mightier than the sword just think how much more tempering your words need to go through!

4. What if I get stuck?

I’ll help you get unstuck. We’ll try things from a different angle (it’s what I do after all!) and we’ll get you rolling just as fast as we can. All three levels offer email support and our regular meeting should help. If you decide you want to go up a level (or move down a level) at any point that’s perfectly ok with me.

5. How long will it take to finish my book?

That really depends on how quickly you write it. I can prod and poke and tease, but if you don’t write it, it won’t get finished.

6. Will I need another editor?

You will need an editor at the end of this. It can be me, or someone else on the Alternative Copy team, or someone else entirely. Your manuscript will be yours to do with as you wish. (Though obviously I hope we’ll have built strong enough relationship that you’ll want to stick with us!)

7. What do I do with my finished manuscript?

Anything you like. You can submit it for publication or publish it yourself and send a copy to that old teacher who said you’d never amount to anything. We can help with all the things you need to take it from manuscript to published book – ‘e’book or ‘tree’-book or both! (Can’t help you with the address for Mr. Whatshisname though. You’re on your own with that.)

8. Will anyone buy it?

I don’t know. It’ll depend on what it’s about, where you market it, and how much you charge. But we can chat through aspects of those things, and I know some fantastic people to help get your marketing ducks all lined up and ready to fly.


If you want a chat before you decide which Level to go for, hop on over here and find a time.

Know which one’s for you? Pick the Level, hit the ‘Buy Now’ button and you’ll be whisked away to Paypal. Once I have your details I’ll email you to get the process going.

Hold-Your-Hand/Kick-Your-Ass Support


If you want a slightly crazy lady geek to send you random little babbley notes to your inbox then stick you email in the box below!

Info Box

Alternative Copy is not just another proof-reading service. Nor it is a copy writing service. It’s something else.


Through it, I give you, the confidence and skills you need to put your words down, your way and communicate effectively with your audience.

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