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Oooo… you have a finished manuscript and now you just need to turn it into a book.

That’s hand-clappingly exciting!

If you want a new-fangled ‘e’-book

You tell us where you want it to work, and we’ll make sure it does.

Whether you want .pdf, .epub or .mobi files – or you don’t really give a monkey’s, you just want it to work on your Aunt Maude’s Kindle. We’ll set it all up and give you the files so you can upload them wherever they need to go.

(And if that’s all a bit too complicated, we can even do the uploading for you.)

If you want a traditional ‘tree’-book

Whether you’re going for a print-on-demand service like Blurb or Lulu, or using your own printer, we’ll set it all up to industry standard, so you get files any printer in the world should be able to work with.

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Alternative Copy is not just another proof-reading service. Nor it is a copy writing service. It’s something else.


Through it, I give you, the confidence and skills you need to put your words down, your way and communicate effectively with your audience.

Alternative Copy